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“Sometimes, we a nation of billion people,
Think like a nation of million people.”

“A.P.J Abdul Kalam”

Our nation has a population of over billion people but still we are lacking in many field .The fault is within us that  we are unaware of our immense potential. For a nation to rise the role of youths is very important. We have to come forward and take the charge from those shaking hands. The young generation should understand their responsibilities in every field i.e.  social ,political or economical.

Don’t be like a tourist in your own nation, come out, out of the luxuries you are in, be a real Indian. Gandhi and Bhagat were the real Indians, they came out and worked for the nation and now it’s our calling .  We should make some principles for our life and try to follow them in adverse condition also. Living on principles is the best and the most difficult thing. Make them for your life, work according to them. It is difficult to follow them in the starting but as the time passes they prove to be beneficial, try to present a quintessential in front of other, so that others might follow you .Treat your critics as your best motivators.

Everyone in our nation praises Gandhi or  Bhagat, have you ever thought that if they would see our deeds what would be their response.

Act in respect of your ideals. Bring a change, “PARIVARTAN” is what the nation needs today.

But this can be done only by the active participation of youths in every  field of society. It’s our call and we have respond.


“No start is too late, if started today”.


“Service before Self”

– Love Prakhar Bhartiya


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