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Anar Patel, a touch bearer of the cause of underprivileged children of slums and streets, of widows, destitute and divorcees, works for women uplift and education. She attaches prime importance to education for all sided development of the child. The Principles she adheres to…..are sympathizing with children and commitment of their education. As one of the founder trustees of Manav Sadhna, she takes care of the non formal school of one of the slums adopted by Manav Sadhna (http://www.manavsadhna.org/). She endeavors to bring out dormant energy of all children through twin concepts of  Lok Vakya (folk beliefs) and Lok Kala (folk culture). She devotes all her time and energy for formal and non formal education.  She is organizing income generation activities for needy, poor women of much lower socio-economic groups. Embroidery, tailoring, greeting cards, festival lamp and paper crafts are a few  activities undertaken by her which not only bring supplementary income to the children and mothers who make them but also combine earning and fun.She runs Gramshree which works with women of low class society. Currently there are more than 500 womens employed there. She also takes care of the children of the women employed their.  They basically deal with handicrafts and now they get order’s  from FAB INDIA also.

I had an opportunity to talk to her on various topics:

1. How did it all begun ?

Anar Behen:  During my Class VIII summer vacation I went to my grand parents home. My mother asked me to teach two poor kids and I refused her. But she was very strict and told me that she will not pay my  fees for next class. So, I had to teach the kids but when I started teaching them I started loving it and at the end of holidays I was with 18 kids. At that time I felt that I had my own identity and since then it became my passion.

2. What keeps you motivated ?

Anar Behen: Till I am alive , I will keep working for others. It is an endless job. I don’t want that my organizations stop’s functioning after I leave it, they should be self sustainable. And I have clarity in my thoughts what I want.

3. What are the major issues that you feel our nation should address first ?

Anar Behen: First of all we should work to create a fearless environment. There should be mental freedom in our society.

4. What is the role of politics in emerging India ?

Anar Behen: Politicians should be united and have common development goals.

5. Role of organizations like Teach For India ?

Anar Behen: These organization have great role in our society. TFI has  the potential to take us to  100% literacy.

6. Are there thoughts of taking ideas of Manav Sadhna/ Gramshree  to other parts of nation ?

Anar Behen: Yes, they are being replicated. Volunteers come here and replicate them in other parts of the country.

7. Message for youths.

Anar Behen: Be productive and that  too selfless productivity.

8. According to you what is the condition of women in India?

Anar Behen: Indian mothers are loving mothers. They don’t know their own dreams or their needs.


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